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What is a network?
A network is a system of linking computing devices together with hardware and software that supports data communications across these devices. The size of a network can vary from a home setup with as few as two PCs and a printer up to an industrial system consisting of thousands of PCs, printers, servers etc.

Wireless or Wired Network?
SP Web Connections will carry out a site survey, recommend the best solution for you and then, if it is acceptable to you, will install it. It does not matter to us if your requirement is simply to allow your laptop computer to connect to a home PC, have just two computers sharing an internet connection or wanting a full office network - we have the knowledge, experience and ability to design, install and maintain a network appropriate to your needs.

Wireless Networks
A wireless network is often the best solution for the home user. It saves running wires all over your house, and it is convenient for you to be able to sit anywhere in the house and use the internet. Imagine sitting on the suite with your laptop and NO wires but still able to surf the net. However, there are potential problems with wireless and security of the network is one of them. You have to be sure that you are protected against other people using your internet connection. SP Web Connections will secure your wireless network with the latest encryption to ensure only you can access your modem.

Wired Networks
The alternative to a wireless network is a wired network. Wired networks currently have the great advantage of being much faster than wireless. Wired connections can reach networking speeds of up to 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet equipment. Wired networks also have the big advantage of security - no one is able to detect any radio signals that wireless uses.


Mixed Networks
A mixed network will be one which is partly wired and partly wireless. This allows the greater speeds of wired with the convenience of using wireless - normally for laptop PCs.

Home Networks
We will usually, but not always, recommend a wireless solution as this gives you the great advantage of having no trailing wires around the house and you will be able to use your PC or laptop wherever you wish.

Business Networks
The preferable solution for businesses is normally a wired network as this gives the better performance and greater security than wireless offers. It also fits in with the normal office environment where everyone has their own desk or workstation. If you have members of staff who only come to the office on occasions, then perhaps a mixed solution to allow them to use their laptops in the office may be best.

In summary The network capabilities that SP Web Connections can offer to the home user and the business user include:

  • Installation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks
  • Specification of network requirements
  • Upgrade of servers
  • For business users, if more convenient to you, we can work outside of your core hours to ensure minimal interruption of your business


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